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A Common-Gate, gm-boosting LNA Using Active Inductor-Based Input Matching for 3.1–10.6 GHz UWB Applications


School of Electronics and Communication Engineering, Shri Mata Vaishno Devi University, Katra, Jammu & Kashmir, India

ELECTRICA 2022; 22: 173-187
DOI: 10.54614/electrica.2022.21136
Read: 391 Downloads: 198 Published: 24 May 2022

This paper presents the circuit of a low-noise amplifier (LNA) using active inductor (AI) input matching with common gate (CG) current-reused technique. This configuration is implemented in 90 nm CMOS and enables to achieve high power-gain (S21) with ultra-wideband (UWB) input matching at low power levels. Utilization of modified high-Q AI at the input side of the proposed LNA reduces the number of inductors and achieves UWB from only two inductors. Proposed LNA dissipates 10.4 mW from 1.0 V supply and exhibits an S21 response of 18.0 ± 0.8 dB for 3.1–10.6 GHz with a maximum and average S21 of 18.8 dB and 18.22 dB, respectively. The proposed LNA has noise-figure (NF) equal to 3.36–4.68 dB, with input (S11) and output (S22) reflection coefficients of less than −9.3 dB and −11.35 dB, respectively across the entire UWB range.

Cite this article as: H. Majeed and V. Singh, "A common-gate, gm-boosting LNA using active inductor-based input matching for 3.1–10.6 GHz UWB applications", Electrica., 22(2), 173-187, 2022.

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