A New FGMOS UCCII and SIMO Type Universal Filter Application


Department of Electrical-Electronics Engineering, İstanbul Medeniyet University, İstanbul, Turkey


Department of Computer Engineering, İstanbul University-Cerrahpaşa Faculty of Engineering, İstanbul, Turkey


Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering, İstanbul Technical University, İstanbul, Turkey

ELECTRICA 2019; 19: 128-134
DOI: 10.26650/electrica.2019.19006
Keywords : FGMOS, UCCII, analog, wide range
Read: 239 Downloads: 114 Published: 01 July 2019

A new floating gate MOS (FGMOS) universal current conveyor (UCCII) is proposed to have the properties of simplifier circuit topology, simpler signal processing and wider input swing. Since the FGMOS transistors are used in the proposed UCCII circuit, the number of transistors is reduced and the topology of the circuit is simplified because it is easier to get arithmetic operations in circuits by using FGMOS transistors when compared to conventional MOS transistors. At the same time, using FGMOS differential amplifier structure in the input stage of the FGMOS UCCII circuit increased the input signal swing resulting both an increase in the linearity of the circuit and an improvement in the voltage following properties. A single input multi output (SIMO) type universal filter application is given to show the versatility of the UCCII block. Both the proposed FGMOS UCCII circuit and filter circuit are simulated with SPICE program by using 0.35µm technology parameters. When the simulation results are analyzed it is seen that that the FGMOS UCCII circuit reached the expected improvements according to the MOS equivalent circuit and expected to be used in linearly tunable filters.

Cite this article as:  Keleş S, Keleş F, Kuntman HH. A New FGMOS UCCII and SIMO Type Universal Filter Application. Electrica 2019; 10.26650/electrica.2019.19006.

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