An Operational Transconductance Amplifier-based Memcapacitor and Meminductor


Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Erzincan University School of Engineering, Erzincan, Turkey

ELECTRICA 2018; 18: 36-38
DOI: 10.5152/iujeee.2018.1806
Read: 263 Downloads: 41 Published: 23 February 2018

Previous studies havefocused on the new mem-elements after the experimental realization of  memristor which is the the fourth passive circuitelement. This research presents a simple operational transconductance amplifier(OTA)-based memcapacitor and meminductor emulator circuit that does notcomprise a mutator circuit. Each emulator was verified using the LTspicesimulation program, and the simulation results were found to be compatible withthe characteristic behaviors of the memcapacitor and meminductor.

EISSN 2619-9831