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Application of Fuzzy Proportional Integral Derivative Controller in Automatic Generation Control Using Hybrid African Vultures Optimization Algorithm-Pattern Search Optimization Algorithm for Frequency Control of Power System with Electric Vehicles


Department of Electrical Engineering, BEC, Bhubaneswar, Odisha, India


Department of Electrical Engineering, GCE, Kalahandi, Odisha, India


Department of Electrical Engineering, GCE, Keonjhar, Odisha, India

ELECTRICA 2023; 23: 414-428
DOI: 10.5152/electrica.2023.22124
Read: 1001 Downloads: 694 Published: 01 August 2023

In the continually increasing size and configuration of the modern power system with unpredictable load and integration of electric vehicles (EVs), the usage of intelligent and effective scheme is essential to control system frequency. This work suggests a hybrid African vultures optimization algorithm (AVOA) and pattern search (hAVOA-PS)-based fuzzy proportional integral derivative (FPID) structure for frequency control of a nonlinear power system with EVs. To illustrate the dominance of the projected hAVOA-PS algorithm, initially, PI controllers are considered and results are equated with AVOA, particle swarm optimization, and genetic algorithm methods. To further enhance the dynamic performance, PID and FPID controllers are considered. The dominance of FPID over PID and PI controllers is shown. In the next step, EVs are integrated into the test system and a comparative investigation of hAVOA-PS-based PI/PID/FPID and FPID+EV is presented. To exhibit the superiority of projected frequency control scheme in maintaining the stability of system under different disturbance conditions like load increase in area-1 only, load decrease/increase in all areas and large load increase in all areas are considered. It is noticed that the proposed hAVOA-PS-based FPID controller in the presence of EV is able to maintain system stability for all the considered cases, whereas other compared approaches fail to maintain stability in some cases. The effectiveness of the projected frequency control method is equated with some recently suggested approaches in a standard two-area system. At last, MATLAB results are equated with Open Real-Time Digital Simulators (OPEN-RT) outcomes to validate the feasibility and effectiveness of the proposed scheme for practical applications.

Cite this article as: P. Mohan Dash, A. Kumar Baliarsingh and S.K. Mohapatra, “Application of fuzzy proportional integral derivative controller in automatic generation control using hybrid African vultures optimization algorithm-pattern search optimization algorithm for frequency control of power system with electric vehicles,” Electrica, 23(3), 414-428, 2023.

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