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Determination and Control of the Instant Moment Need of Electric Vehicles in Variable Road Conditions With a Lyapunov-based Flux Observer


Department of Electrical-Electronical Engineering, Akdeniz University, Faculty of Engineering, Antalya, Turkey

ELECTRICA 2021; 21: 428-443
DOI: 10.5152/electr.2021.21008
Read: 41 Downloads: 25 Published: 27 August 2021

Today, with the increase of environmental awareness, the use of electric vehicles is increasing rapidly. For a comfortable ride, driving performance is desired to be effective on all roads, and the desired torque must be instantly achieved on the wheels while driving. Sudden torque can be obtained by the direct torque control (DTC) method with the space vector modulation technique, and hence, the performance of the structure can be increased. However, the desired performance cannot be obtained due to the straight, bumpy, or different slopes of the road that the electric vehicle travels. In previous studies, the variable road conditions of electric vehicles were not considered much. The vehicle’s performance response must be measured for all road conditions. In this study, a proposed method has been developed for performance enhancement, by using exponential stable Lypunov-based flux observer instead of classical flux estimator structure, eliminating the instability, torque, and current fluctuations in the vehicle’s motor control, and a more comfortable ride in downhill and uphill situations. The newly proposed observer structure was simulated in Matlab/Simulink environment and its performance was demonstrated.

Cite this article as: U. Kitiş and Y. Üser. “Determination and Control of the Instant Moment Need of Electric Vehicles in Variable Road Conditions with a Lyapunov-based Flux Observer,” Electrica, vol. 21, no. 3, pp. 428-443, Sep. 2021.

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