Lossy/Lossless Grounded Inductance Simulators Using Current Feedback Operational Amplifier (CFOA)


Yıldız Technical University School of Naval Architecture and Maritime, İstanbul, Turkey


Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, İstanbul University School of Engineering, İstanbul, Turkey

ELECTRICA 2018; 18: 95-99
DOI: 10.5152/iujeee.2018.1815
Keywords : CFOA, filter, CMOS
Read: 1847 Downloads: 738 Published: 23 February 2018

Active elements arecritical in implementing active filters, oscillators, rectifiers, and signalprocessing circuits. We observe that several active circuits have been proposedin the literature. In this study, we have proposed four inductance simulatorsthat employ only one active circuit current feedback operational amplifier andthree or four passive components. The first and fourth topologies are designedfor series lossy inductance, whereas the second and third topologies aredesigned for lossless negative inductance simulators. A passive RLC filter isused to demonstrate the effectiveness of the proposed inductance simulators.The simulations performed with the LTSpice program and the results agree withthe theoretical analysis.

EISSN 2619-9831