New Optimization Algorithms for Application to Environmental Economic Load Dispatch in Power Systems


Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Kırıkkale University School of Engineering, Kırıkkale, Turkey

ELECTRICA 2018; 18: 133-142
DOI: 10.5152/iujeee.2018.1825
Read: 793 Downloads: 222 Published: 03 August 2018

The determination of the most economical generation dispatch in an electrical power system has become a very important issue globally. However, economical dispatch can no longer be considered alone because of environmental problems that are derived from emissions such as nitrogen oxide, carbon dioxide, and sulfur dioxide. In this study, the problem of environmental economic load dispatch (EELD) in a power system of six generators is addressed both by neglecting and including line transmission losses using a modified genetic algorithm and a modified artificial bee colony optimization method. The results of these modified algorithms are compared with those of the unmodified versions. The results demonstrate that the proposed new methods have better economic and environmental distribution performances. Accordingly, it can be concluded that the new methods are more effective and should be adopted.

EISSN 2619-9831