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Research on Improving the Inspection Efficiency of Substation Based on Big Data Analysis


China Southern Power Grid EHV Transmission Company Maintenance Test Center, Guangzhou, China

ELECTRICA 2023; 23: 79-86
DOI: 10.54614/electrica.2022.21137
Read: 750 Downloads: 306 Published: 08 June 2022

With the continuous improvement of scientific and technological level, big data analysis technology has been vigorously promoted in substations. Though the big data technology can be real-time insight into the status of substation operation and inspection, how to improve the efficiency of substation inspection is still a hot topic at present. Based on this, this article through the perspective of path planning are studied, in particular, through simulation experiment to determine transformer substation inspection robot path planning algorithm system before and after the end of the work, inspection path planning system in substations by way of test results, from the results, the substation inspection robot can better avoid obstacles and complete the final inspection work along the optimal inspection path.

Cite this article as: Z. Z. Zhou, Y. H. Song, H. H. Su, J. N. Shang, Z. Y. Luo and Q. Wang, "Research on improving the inspection efficiency of substation based on big data analysis," Electrica., 23(1), 79-86, 2023.

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