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Security Protection Technology Based on Power Communication Terminal Intelligent Equipment


JiLin Information & Telecommunication Company, State Grid Jilin Electric Power Corporation Ltd., Changchun, China


State Grid Cyber Security Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd, China

ELECTRICA 2023; 23: 466-474
DOI: 10.5152/electr.2023.22119
Read: 673 Downloads: 342 Published: 07 July 2023

The aim of this study was to study the security problems faced by an Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) system in the whole process management of intelligent power distribution system equipment. Based on information security risks, the defects are analyzed, and how to protect distributed energy stations from information security threats in the energy Internet environment is discussed. This paper analyzes the new business communication requirements of distribution communication network and the security risks. The results are as follows: in the classification accuracy experiment, the accuracy of all kinds of classification is obtained through three algorithms [DAG-SVM based on minimum coupling degree, DAG-SVM based on maximum separability, and double-decision hyperplane (DDH)]. Among them, the accuracy of the optimized DDH algorithm in this paper is 98.65%, which is the highest of the three, and the time is the shortest, saving about 40%. A security protocol is proposed which has good protection against several attacks. Deep neural network was used to mine the power terminal attack by means of feature engineering and data enhancement, and the network-level security monitoring of power terminals is realized. The feasibility of the proposed method is verified by building a physical simulation platform, and the experimental results show that the proposed strategy can improve the security of power terminals.

Cite this article as: D. Liu, M. Zhao, S. Wang, X. Sun and H. Sun, "Security protection technology based on power communication terminal intelligent equipment," Electrica, 23(3), 466-474, 2023.

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