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Understanding of Network Resiliency in Communication Networks with its Integration in Internet of Things - A Survey


Department of Electronics and Communication, Jaypee University of Information Technology, Solan, Himachal Pradesh, India

ELECTRICA 2023; 23: 318-328
DOI: 10.5152/electrica.2023.22126
Read: 597 Downloads: 242 Published: 01 May 2023

Modern life is completely dependent on Internet, and as a result, network disruption has become extremely severe. It has been recognized that communication networks are not that much resilient and survivable as they need to be. Today the ongoing trend is to increase the number of services in only one communication network. All these services are distinct in their own manner as some needs low resilience requirements, whereas some of them require higher resilience. In order to fulfill these requirements, frameworks with better cost efficiency are required and these have been proposed in the literature. The work in this study provides a survey on resilience differentiation in communication networks. Along with the survey, some future challenges are also provided at the end.

Cite this article as: S. Sharma, B. K. Pathak and R. Kumar, “Understanding of network resiliency in communication networks with its integration in internet of things - A survey” Electrica, 23(2), 318-328, 2023.

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