Passive Lossless Snubber for PFC AC–DC Converters

Passive Lossless Snubber for PFC AC–DC Converters


Department of Electrical Engineering, Yıldız Technical University Electric and Electronic Faculty, İstabul, Turkey

ELECTRICA 2020; 20: 97-106
DOI: 10.5152/electrica.2020.19091
Read: 2742 Downloads: 1032 Published: 10 February 2020

In this study, an improved passive lossless snubber cell for the non-isolated pulse-width modulation direct-current (DC)–DC converter family is proposed. The proposed snubber cell provides soft switching for all semiconductor power devices in the converter under wide-input voltage–current and output load ranges. Detailed theoretical analysis is carried out and verified with the implementation of a continuous conduction mode power-factor correction boost converter having 220-  input, 400-  output, 50-kHz switching frequency, and 1-kW output power. The overall efficiency of the proposed converter at full load increased from 85% in hard-switching conditions to 97.5%, thanks to the proposed lossless passive snubber cell. The application of the proposed snubber cell to other DC–DC converters is also presented.

Cite this article as: Bodur H, Yeşilyurt H, Akboy E. Passive Lossless Snubber for PFC AC–DC Converters. Electrica, 2020; 20(1): 98-107.

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